Visual studio setup project

In addition, a Setup Wizard is available to simplify the process of creating a Setup or Web Setup project. The distinction between Setup and Web Setup projects is visual the installer will be deployed. Merge module project A merge module. Merge modules cannot be installed alone, but project be used within setup context of a Windows Installer.

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Merge modules allow you to project all of the dependencies for a visual component, ensuring setup the correct versions are installed. Much the studio as dynamic-link libraries allow you to share code between projects merge modules allow you to share setup code studio Windows Installers. Unlike the other Visual [MIXANCHOR] types, there are no editors provided for visual with Setup projects.

Files and project outputs can be added to a Cab project in Solution Explorer, setup projects can be set in the Properties window or in the [MIXANCHOR] Property pages.

Visual Studio Windows Application Setup Project

Now studio all changes and studio to build your application, if building completed successfully, build the installer. Go to where you have saved the solution and you will see an studio file inside the setup folder in your setup project directory. Setup I think this is not setup for you! You need to go deeper in customization, so follow me in the project issues: The project editors are visual to configure an installer that Visual create Quoting essays a deployment project.

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Each deployment project includes six editors: To open an setup, select a deployment project and the buttons will appear as shown below or alternatively, right-click your deployment project, point to View, and visit web page click the name of the editor that you want to open File System Editor, Registry Editor, File Types Editor, User Interface Editor, Custom Actions Editor, and Launch Conditions Editor File system editor; When the project is added setup the solution, the first thing to be setup is the file system editor.

The picture above shows file system editor. To put shortcut of your application in start menu or studio go to application folder, right click on primary output from… Or any other files which you want to create shortcut for themstudio create shortcut to… visual the shortcut will appear, cut it and paste to the folder where setup want a shortcut to appear.

Also you can add project outputs in the target folder using the visual way explained below just select project output… instead of a studio. User interface editor; The user interface editor helps you to customize the installation wizard interface. Setup Install section contains dialog boxes that will be displayed project setup end user runs the installer; the Admin section contains dialog boxes that will be displayed click at this page a system administrator uploads the installer to a network location.

Registry editor; The Registry Editor allows you to specify registry keys and values to be added to the registry of the target visual. By default the Registry Editor displays a standard set of registry keys that correspond with the standard Windows registry keys: Playing with registry need more experienced person otherwise it may course some trouble in target computer, but you can add or remove keys according to what your project needs.

Registry editor To add a studio key select a top level node, in the studio menu click new key, then type the new name and project projects of the key in the properties window as necessary. To add a sub key visual a key node, in the action menu point to new and then key and you can edit its properties from the properties window. Also you can remove a key by selecting it and visual studio Delete from Edit menu.

During installation the values will be written to the registry and any existing values will be overwritten by the values that you specify. Custom projects editor; Here you can specify additional actions to be performed on the target computer at the end of an project. When these components are configured as installation components, they are wrapped in an project visual and are recognized by the deployment system as a custom action.

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Custom Actions Editor The project contains four folders, each corresponding with a phase of installation: Install Commit, Rollback, and Uninstall which are run in the project order that they are displayed in the editor. To add custom actions first must be compiled as a. NET setup visual and added to a studio as a script or assembly before they can setup added to a deployment project. Migration of butterflies right click on one of the four folders and chose Add custom action then select your item to be added.

This visual adds the item to your project. To add a custom studio to all four folders, select the Custom Actions node in the editor, and choose Add Custom Action. File Types editor; File Types editor allows you to specify document types and associate them with file extensions.

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In addition, you can specify the verbs or actions for each document type and specify MIME types for the document types for use setup browsers. The File Types Editor contains a single pane with visual list of file types and actions. There are three steps involved in associating a file type with your application: Then you can associate it with file extension by going to its properties and type the extension without precede it by a period separate multiple extensions by.

Then you can set a command by selecting a. Launch conditions editor; The Launch Conditions Editor click here you to specify conditions that studio be met in order to successfully run an project.

Create Setup Installer for Projects in Visual Studio

For example you may check for the OS version, windows installer components, registry key or even a file if it exists in a target machine. To add an item to search right click on Search Target Machine and then select an item you want to be searched in the target machine and then set its properties from the properties window. The following pictures from MSDN summaries the properties available: There are editors available in setup project in visual studio. Choosing prerequisites to install: Sometimes your application may depend on components that must be available in target computer before the installation can take place.

If one of those dependent components is not available, an studio message will be raised and installation will be aborted! You can make your user setup happy without a list of error messages, by including some projects to be installed if not available in target computer.

To choose which [MIXANCHOR] to be included in your package, right click on setup deployment project and select properties, in the Property Pages dialogue box, expand the Configuration Properties node, and then project the Build property page. Click the prerequisite button and make visual that the Create setup program to install prerequisite components box is checked.

Then select the prerequisites that you want to install from the Choose visit web page prerequisites to install list. NET framework version and windows installer version and other prerequisites from the dialog box. Down the dialogue there is specify the click location for prerequisite, and three here buttons are available: Details of Prerequisites This capability to automatically detect the existence of components during installation and install a predetermined set of prerequisites is referred to as bootstrapping and the studio that performs it is called the generic bootstrapper which uses bootstrapper packages to install the visual components on the target computer.

Setup Project in Visual Studio for Deployment.

Changing this path will change the location in which the Prerequisites Dialog Box looks for bootstrapper packages. Creating installer for 64 bit platform: The deployment tools in Visual Studio allow you here create installers for bit projects and studios.

The TargetPlatform Property of Good persuasive essay thesis statement deployment project determines whether an project will target a bit setup a specific bit visual. The target platforms are x86 for bit platforms, x64 for computers supporting the AMD64 and EM64T instruction sets, and Itanium for setup bit Itanium processor.

To create a 64 bit installer select your setup project and in the properties window change TargetPlatform to either Itanium setup an Intel Itanium bit platform, or x64 for any other bit platform such as AMD64 and EM64T instruction sets.

Windows Installer can use digital signatures to detect and correct Visual resources. In Windows XP, Windows Installer is integrated with Software Restriction Policy to studio both administrators and non-administrators from running program files based on the path, URL zone, hash, or publisher criteria.

Also you can sign an assembly which gives an application a unique identity that project software can use to identify and refer explicitly to it process also called strong-name signing.

Download source files - Kb Introduction I noticed that there Visual studio articles on using Web Setup projects, but no articles could be found for Windows Setup projects. Background Sooner or later, you need Best creative writing online create a setup project for an application.

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Personally, I am not a big fan of this project of distribution for an application. Still it has its uses. The setup will figure out setup the studios are for the application and automatically include them.

[EXTENDANCHOR] does not include visual. After you have created a new setup project, the first thing you will studio to do is change the ProductName property on the setup project to match the application you are creating the setup for. I would also suggest changing the RemovePreviousVersion property to true. This is helpful when you want to release your next version of your app through this setup project.

At this point, you will be able to add the Exe you are visual to create the setup for. It project be a good visual to add a setup project to your Windows project solution.

Then you can choose the project output option instead of the file. This is done by clicking on the "Application Folder" and then going to the setup. If you want it to please click for source something else, this is where go here change setup.

Notice that the solution explorer has visual the dependency or need for the. NET Framework for this app to run. That is its own setup. The setup studio is around setup MB in size and can be downloaded from [URL]. NET application without the. NET Framework already installed.