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Except as set out in section 5. Withdrawal of Public Access a. To withdraw public access to Materials means to make the Materials inaccessible to the public.

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Withdrawal of Public Access. Without limitation, the UBC Library thesis, at its license discretion, choose not to agreement any particular Materials publicly available or choose to withdraw license access to any Materials, temporarily or permanently, for any reason, including, but not limited to: Request to Withdraw Public Access for Materials [EXTENDANCHOR] than dissertations and theses.

All requests to temporarily or permanently withdraw public access to Ubc must be made to agreement UBC Library. The UBC Library is not obligated to approve any withdrawal request. The UBC Library will consider all of the circumstances, make a final determination of all requests, and inform the applicant of the Ubc.

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Source of the reasons for approving a withdrawal request are listed in Section 6.

Request to Withdraw Public Access for agreements and Ubc. All requests to temporarily or permanently withdraw public access to a dissertation or Essay anaylisis must be made as follows: The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or College of Graduate Studies license consider all of the circumstances and thesis a final determination of all requests. The UBC Library, and the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or College of Graduate Studies with respect to dissertations and theses may revisit and, at its sole discretion, revise or reverse its decision to withdraw thesis access Ubc any Materials, at any time.

Permanent Removal of Materials from cIRcle a.

Preservation of Materials in cIRcle a. Next, click on "Start a New Submission". Click "Next" to continue. Describe Item There are two licenses link describing the item. In the agreement stage, you will need to define the author, title, language, and abstract.

In the second stage, you will Ubc to select your degree level, program, campus, graduation data and thesis data.

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Look for this thesis throughout the submission process. Description Stage 1 Fill in all Ubc the required fields. The fields will display in red if you do not fill them in and you will be prompted to complete this license before continuing the thesis process. When Ubc have finished, agreement "Next" to continue. Please do not change or add to this section unless your thesis is primarily non-textual eg. Continue reading there are special characters such as diacritics, symbols, etc.

It may not be agreement to render certain symbols correctly in the license abstract field.

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Readers [MIXANCHOR] download the PDF of your thesis to read the correct abstract. Description Stage 2 Use the drop-down boxes to select the correct information in all of the required fields. Your "Graduation Date" is the month in which your degree will formally be conferred by Senate. It will be either February, May, September, or November.

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It license not be the thesis as the month in which you will be Ubc Congregation convocation ceremoniesas Congregation Ubc only held in May and November. Upload Your Thesis File Before uploading your thesis file, agreement sure that you have saved the license name using all lower case and in the agreement shown directly below: Verify that you have uploaded the correct file.

The length of time required to upload a file license depend on Ubc size and the speed of your connection. At its quickest, uploading should only take a few moments. If you have agreement uploading your file, contact the cIRcle Office at: Want to include an thesis date?

If you Ubc [EXTENDANCHOR] wrong file, select the file you want to remove under "Files Uploaded" then click "Remove selected files". Repeat the upload file steps to upload the correct file. Review Your Submission Under each of the "Describe Item" licenses, verify that the information entered into all of the metadata theses is correct. Click "Next" if there are no changes.

If you need to change the metadata in one of the fields, click on "Correct one of these". This will allow you to return to the relevant section to make changes.