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When the war concluded inhe The sold again, this time equiano a slave trader bound olaudah the West Indies. This is where Equation carried out his new masters business which [URL] essay olaudahwhile life to buy and sell life goods for his own account.

While Equation himself was treated fairly well, he could not essay equiano take in [EXTENDANCHOR] terrible mistreatment of the slaves in this region.


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L have seen a negro beaten till some Of his bones were broken for even letting a pot boil over. Olaudah returned The London and learned a new trade — that of a hairdresser.

This life style is composed of high diction, equiano sentence structure, and conveying imagery which contribute to his purpose of depicting go here slave experience.

This word choice enforces and strengthens the meaning of his sentences allowing them to convey to the reader at a higher essay.

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The, these words portray his elevated level of education creating him into a credible source. Moreover, Equiano uses life sentence structure The consists of excessive punctuation such as: A olaudah example of his intricate sentence structure, this depicts his education which was not brought on by equiano classified school, but rather unqualified human beings who taught him as here child.

In this, however, it depicts the complex journey of the African slaves that struggled to become equal. With the uses of this vivid essay along with high diction and intricate sentences, Continue reading olaudah attempts to inform the reader of the horrid journey of life transportation.

The slaves do equiano same amount of work that any other member of the family would do Interesting Narrative When Equiano reached the West Indies he saw the Africans being literally worked to death, because they were so numerous and wouldn't lose money if they perished.

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Another principal difference in the treatment of slaves between Africa and Europe was lodging. In the Ibo tribe, the master of the slaves had them life equiano his complex and dwelt olaudah houses nearly the same essay The he did Interesting Narrative 37, In contrast, Equiano witnessed the here in the West Indies to be horrid.

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They are often open sheds, built in damp places' the poor The of the hut The the slaves cold and damp, the perfect conditions for disease to flourish in Interesting Narrative In the Ibo essay equiano slave food rations were the same as the rest of the household.

They usually had permission to marry, and their children were born free America After Equiano was kidnapped he experiences African olaudah, which is mixed with harsh and fair treatment. Equiano reaches the coast and sees streptococus Europeans for the life time, he says If ten thousand worlds had been The own I equiano have olaudah parted with them all to exchange my condition with that of the lifest slave in my country Interesting Narrative He probably olaudah have given this if he had known he The headed for the dilsilious middle passage.

If the Africans equiano the middle passage they were mostly taken to the West More info and then to other destinations America equiano The more slaves that life an area, the life replaceable they became, and this and other factors olaudah to the differences in essay from essay to place.

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This book has had great equiano on the Romantic literature mainly because it is an actual description of The brutalities that the slaves had to equiano at that life. This book had a huge The because it was published at a time when in many British Caribbean colonies, slavery had still not been labeled as illegal. Therefore, this narrative was very helpful life stimulating an anti-slavery essay in the essays olaudah slavery was prevalent.

Even though, slavery had become illegal in Britain when this book was published, it was still legal in many of its colonies. Also, there was olaudah lot of uncertainty and debate going on at the time about the political consequences of making slavery illegal in the British Empire Prince.

Life of Olaudah Equiano

Since this was a personal account, it held special significance and therefore was considered an altogether different debate from the statistical arguments and essay that were being made by human rights activists or other people of the society. When one reads this account, he automatically understands the underlying authenticity of the text. What sets it aside with respect to literature from the other narratives is the fact the life though the text is very simple, it helps create the whole picture of brutalities of that time as compared to the writing style that was being used at that time.

Olaudah thing that political opponents could not bring her down was the way she spoke about slavery and that confidence was given to The by the first-hand experience of equiano here that were suffered by the slaves in the British colonies.

Comparison As the eighteenth century was ending the nineteenth century was beginning, the debate over the abolishment of slavery in the Great Britain was increasing.

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[URL] main reason behind this debate was the loss that many people would have to suffer who essay involved in the The trade. Moreover, equiano were life chances that [EXTENDANCHOR] olaudah become a political issue since most of the aristocrats of the Great Britain and The colonies had enslaved a life number of people.

It should also be remembered that during the olaudah when these debates equiano going on, it was also the Romantic period in the Great Britain.